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TPM #2: Prioritizing your well-being with Amelia Harvey

June 8, 2017




​Well-being is the latest buzz word.....but what does it actually mean, why is it important, and how do you prioritize and improve it? These are the questions answered in this podcast episode.




This week we’re chatting to the lovely, Amelia Harvey.

Amelia is a life coach, speaker, writer, and meditation teacher. It is her mission to guide women on the journey from inner critic to inner peace and to bridge the gap between knowing what would make you feel great, and actually doing it!

As a life coach Amelia combines her Honours degree in psychology and wellness coaching qualification with intuitive and energetic healing techniques.

Amelia will be joining us regularly on The Pink Movement podcast to share her practical, emotional, and spiritual tools to empower you to live your healthiest, happiest life.




  • WHAT the term well-being means

  • WHY it is important

  • WHAT happens when you do and don’t do it

  • HOW you can do it

  • TIPS to get started




What is well-being?

  • Well-being is about focusing on how we’re feeling. Do you feel like you have enough energy? Do you feel in the right frame of mind? Do you feel like you are showing up as well as you can?

  • Well-being is holistic – it’s about the physical, mental and spiritual health.

  • Well-being is about identifying what you need to do to feel as good as you possibly can.


Internal vs External

  • Well-being is not about trying to tick external boxes – it’s about listening to your intuitive voice of love, inner strength and wisdom to identify and focus on what feels good for you.

  • You have the control over your inner-world which is the biggest contributor to your well-being.

  • Don’t focus on things outside of yourself to bring you happiness and well-being eg fancy car, weight loss, more money, house, partner (however, we live in a world that has wired us to think like this, so don’t beat yourself up about it!). You don’t need to wait for these external things to happen to feel good in yourself. Essentially this is looking for happiness and well-being in all the wrong places.

  • Goal setting is still important, however should always be tied back to a ‘feeling’. What will you actually feel when you achieve that goal, and is it realistic?


Following a breast cancer diagnosis

  • Looking after yourself and prioritizing your well-being is something that can be focused on when undergoing breast cancer treatment.

  • Be proactive about your well-being…you will feel better for it

  • Following a breast cancer diagnosis the self-care dial needs to be turned up to maximum.

  • When you look after your well-being, everything else will be easier to tackle.


When you prioritize your well-being

  • You are more energized

  • You are more focused

  • You are more balanced

  • You are better able to handle life’s challenges


When you don’t prioritize your well-being

  • Life is frantic, scattered, and overloaded (TIP: If you’re feeling like this, Pause! Breathe! Prioritize!)

  • You are constantly looking for validation.


What can you do to start prioritizing your well-being?

  • Meditation – app, YouTube (every morning or evening)

  • Journaling – what are you grateful for? What makes you happy

  • Movement – what sort of movement does your body need today?

  • Diarise – put time aside for your well-being


Although don’t forget that….

  • Everyone’s well-being is completely personal and unique, and therefore it’s important to understand what works for you.


Start today by

  • Sitting down and figuring out YOUR stillness practice, choose a time in the day to do it, and commit.




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