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TPM #7: Sacred Esoteric Healing with Donna Gianniotis

August 8, 2017





Giving yourself the opportunity to heal and reconnect back to your essence is at the core of Sacred Esoteric Healing. In this episode learn from Sacred Esoteric Healing Practitioner, Donna Gianniotis, how focusing on the quality of your movement – being gentle and deliberate - helps support the body with energy levels and helps organs rebalance following cancer treatment.




Donna Gianniotis has been working in the health arena teaching Yoga and Meditation for over 15 years. Over the past five years Donna has also become an Esoteric Therapies Practitioner.

With a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2008 at the age of 33, and having at that stage taught yoga for many years, Donna queried how she had ended up with a cancerous tumour at such a young age. She believed there must be more to health and well-being that simply diet and exercise.

Her studies of the Esoteric Therapies gave her the answers that she was looking for and have since supported her to understand that it is not only what we do, but the quality of how we live that truly matters. With the support of these modalities she has learnt how to choose a different way of living, a way that is about true self-nurturing and which supports and honours herself as a woman.

Donna now shares these understandings in her sessions, classes and workshops supporting others to reconnect back to their body and their being through Esoteric Healing, Esoteric Connective Tissue, Yoga, Meditation, Massage and Cancer Support sessions.




  • ALL ABOUT Donna’s breast cancer journey

  • WHAT Sacred Esoteric Healing is

  • WHY you would do it

  • HOW it can be of benefit following a breast cancer diagnosis





What is Sacred Esoteric Healing?

  • Sacred Esoteric Healing is a modality or a form of energetic healing that provides the opportunity to heal and helps support us to reconnect back to our essence.

  • It allows your body to be a clear vessel so that healing can take place.


What does a Sacred Esoteric Healing session look like?

  • A session usually starts with talking

  • Esoteric Healing is a hands on technique, client is fully clothed on a massage table and then it’s applying different hands on techniques to different areas of the body where you can feel that there are blockages of energy in the body.


Why would we do Sacred Esoteric Healing?

  • It is impossible to look after others unless you have fully nurtured and looked after yourself first, and Sacred Esoteric Healing allows us to do that.

  • Changing your movements and focusing on the quality of your movement – being gentle and deliberate - supports you to not drain your energy

  • Helps support the body with energy levels and helps organs rebalance following chemo and radio

  • It works together with conventional medicine, and therefore can be undertaken through all stages of breast cancer treatment.


What are the benefits of Sacred Esoteric Healing?

  • Helps to relieve tensions, stress, sadness, grief, shock, trauma

  • Issues and ailments start to alleviate


Most important…

  • The body is in harmony when the body and mind are in sinc and present with each other

  • Don’t just tick boxes – this prevents us from recognising what your body needs to do right now

  • Slow down and be gentle and connected with yourself

  • It’s not what you do, but how you do it and the quality in which you do things matters most of all.


How do you do it?

  • It takes dedication, time and practice




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