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TPM #14: Using support services with Liz Hing

November 15, 2017



Following a breast cancer diagnosis it’s important to both understand the support services available to you, and then use them! Cancer Council offers a wide range of services, and in this episode we hear from Liz Hing who tells us all about the Health Living After Cancer Program. A 6-month personalised free health coaching program, with the aim of empowering those who’ve been through cancer, to improve their health.



Liz Hing is the Healthy Living after Cancer Consultant on the Healthy Living after Cancer program at Cancer Council NSW.


Liz has worked at Cancer Council NSW for 5 ½ years, starting in the Nutrition Unit and then working on the 131120 service before taking on the role of Healthy Living after Cancer Consultant, 2 years ago.


Liz holds a Bachelor of Health degree and has also completed levels 1, 2 and 3 of Health and Wellness Coaching through Wellness Coaching Australia. In her free time Liz does volunteer work for Cancer Council in Cancer advocacy – another of her passions, she also likes painting and spending time with her family.


Here to tell us all about the Healthy Living after Cancer program, please welcome to the The Pink Movement podcast, Liz Hing.




  • ALL ABOUT the Healthy Living After Cancer Program – WHO can do it, WHAT it includes, HOW it came about, TYPES of results and HOW to get involved

  • Some TIPS to kick start your healthy lifestyle after cancer

  • WHAT is health coaching

  • Other SERVICES offered by the Cancer Council

  • HOW to get in contact with the Cancer Council




What is the Healthy Living After Cancer Program?

A 6-month personalised free health coaching program. Undertaken via telephone calls, it involves approximately 12 phone calls of around 30-minutes in duration, with the aim of empowering people to improve their health.


How did it come about?

Part of a research project out of University of Queensland – testing the intervention of a telephone based program to a broad population of cancer patients.


Who can do it?

It’s available to anyone who’s had a cancer diagnosis (all cancers), and finished their active treatment, over the age of 18.


What does the program include?

The program works with the individual to set goals around activity, diet, nutrition and making lifestyle changes.


The program begins with an assessment and overview the individual’s cancer journey and their current lifestyle habits.


Everyone who signs up gets sent a workbook, and for the first 5 weeks there are weekly calls to kick start the program, and work through the workbook.

It starts with physical activity (because studies have shown that those who engage in regular physical activity have extremely positive health outcomes), then works through to nutrition.


How does it work?

Ultimately it’s about understanding an individual’s big goals, then helping them to break it down into smaller, more achievable goals.

Goals are always SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.


What sort of results are being seen?

Weight loss, BMI healthy range, increased intake of fruit and vegetables, improvement in diet and physical activity levels, better sleep, lessened stress around cancer reoccurrence, chronic disease prevention.


How can you get involved?

Simply go to the Healthy Living After Cancer Page on the Cancer Council website and fill in the referral form and someone will be in touch. Or just call 13 11 20.


What is health coaching?

It’s finding the WHY behind the WHY, and trying to find the support that’s going to work for the individual.

It’s also all about positive psychology – looking at what people are doing well, their strengths, and building on that. How can someone use their strengths to achieve the changes they want to make?


Other services you can access via the Cancer Council

  • Pro bono Legal Services

  • Financial Services

  • Accommodation assistance

  • Counselling and support groups

  • Webinars and workshops on a range of topics

  • Exercise videos


Programs available at the Cancer Council

Enrich – a face to face program

The Healthy Living After Cancer Program – a phone based program



“Focusing on your health after cancer can not only help reduce the risk of cancer re-occurrence, it can also help with chronic disease prevention




Healthy Living After Cancer program information - https://www.cancercouncil.com.au/healthy-living-after-cancer-program/



Web: https://www.cancercouncil.com.au/

Phone: 13 11 20




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