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TPM #10: Using Online Communities with Cosette Paneque

September 19, 2017




A breast cancer diagnosis can be both isolating and confusing. But thanks to online communities, it doesn’t need to be. In this episode we chat with the Online Community Manager for BCNA, Cosette Paneque. Cosette shares with us how joining an online community specifically for those affected by breast cancer is the perfect place to connect with others, to ask questions, or even just to have a vent!



CHATTING WITH…Cosette Paneque

Cosette Paneque is the Online Community Manager for Breast Cancer Network Australia, and believes being part of an online community creates connection, continuous learning and collaboration.


An expert in this space, Cosette, originally from the US, worked with companies such as Warner Bros, ReachOut and the US Army.


Moving to Australia in 2012, she joined Quiip, Australia’s leading social media and online community management company. While there she worked with ReachOut, AMP Capital, VicHealth and NSW Health.


Here to talk to us today about all things online communities and how as women with a breast cancer diagnosis we can benefit from them, please welcome Cosette Paneque.




  • WHAT is an online community

  • ALL ABOUT the BCNA online network

  • BENEFITS of being part of the BCNA online network





What is an online community?

  • An online community is a group of people with common interests who use the internet to communicate.


All about the BCNA Online Network

  • Launched in 2010, the BCNA Online Network is an active online community where Australians affected by breast cancer can find information and support.

  • The online network supports those who may not have an opportunity for face-to-face support, live in rural or remote areas, may not be well enough to go to meet ups, or those that are just more comfortable communicating online.

  • Categories include newly diagnosed, metastatic, health and well-being, day to day, supporting someone with breast cancer, community news and events and general discussion.

  • The most popular topics discussed are around chemotherapy, side-effects, coping, mastectomy, reconstruction and radiotherapy.

  • There is fun in the community – celebrating birthdays and milestones and sharing photos.

  • The BCNA Online Network is a CREDIBLE source of information. All content is checked and vetted for correctness.

  • When you join the online community you get a tutuorial which shows you how to use it, there is a user manual and other tutorials. You can also call and get help!


Benefits of being part of the BCNA Online Network

  1. Sense of support and companionship – you are not alone, and someone is there 24-hours a day!

  2. A credible source of information

  3. A direct channel to share information with BCNA



BCNA’s online network: http://onlinenetwork.bcna.org.au/




Web: https://www.bcna.org.au/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BreastCancerNetworkAustralia

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bcnapinklady

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/BCNetworkAustralia




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