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TPM #6: Moving in the Pool with the YWCA Encore Program

July 25, 2017




Following a breast cancer diagnosis getting your movement going in the pool is a fantastic option. Not only does it offer movement without load on the joints, you can do both aerobic and resistance exercise to improve your strength, range of motion and general fitness.

In this episode we learn all about the YWCA Encore Program, and how they utilise pool based exercise as part of their program.





Di Albrecht was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, and like many with a breast cancer diagnosis, her life was turned upside down. She endured a mastectomy, lymph node removal, chemotherapy and radiation. But it was during this time Di realised her strength, and a renewed zest for life.

While going through treatment Di set herself the goal of walking the 7 Bridges Walk and in 2010, 4 months after treatment, she walked nearly 30 km with family and friends raising money for Cancer Council. The following year she set a goal of walking 100 BRIDGES in the year, and by the end of the year had actually walked over 150.  

Di was a participant in the YWCA Encore Program in 2010 and 2011 and is now doing her bit for women with breast cancer through her roles as a Program Coordinator and Facilitator of the Encore Program.


Kate Guthrey lives on a farm in Cobbitty NSW and is the National Manager for the YWCA Encore Program.

The experiences of some close friends and family combined with her passion for healthy living and women's wellbeing enticed Kate to volunteer at her local Illawarra Encore program in 2009. From the very first program she was hooked and 8 years later remains as passionate as ever.

The benefits Kate observed in what is relatively a short program were extraordinary, so it was not long before she moved from a voluntary capacity to accepting a position coordinating the training and compliance for Encore in NSW.

Now the National Manager, Kate is surrounded and encouraged by a team of incredible women who share a passion for empowering women, particularly those who have experienced Breast Cancer.




  • ALL ABOUT the YWCA Encore program

  • WHAT it includes

  • BENEFITS of moving in the pool

  • SUGGESTIONS on what you can do yourself in the pool




  • The YWCA Encore Program is an 8-week program, 2-hours a week and includes education and movement, 30 minutes of land based exercise and 30 minutes of pool based exercise. It is FREE and available to all those with a breast cancer diagnosis.

  • Being able to exercise in water is particularly beneficial because there is no load on the joints.

  • You can do rehab movements prescribed by your physio in the pool

  • You can do both aerobic and resistance exercises in the pool

  • When working in the water, it’s important to keep shoulders underneath the water level.

  • Exercises you can do in the pool include swimming, walking, lifting knees up and moving arms under water level.

  • Learn to pay attention to your body and how you’re feeling in all forms of exercise.




YWCA Encore promotional video: https://vimeo.com/222444586

YWCA Encore Fact Sheet (PDF)

YWCA Encore Poster (PDF)




Web: http://www.ywcaencore.org.au/

Call: 1800 305 150

Email: encore@ywcansw.com.au

Text: 0449 904 011 (text name and postcode)




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