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How to deal with setbacks during breast cancer

October 24, 2017


For many of us, a breast cancer diagnosis is full of setbacks. Anything from unexpected side-effects, surgery issues, or illness. And they take their toll - physically, mentally and emotionally. There's always going to be something, so the best thing we can do when these things occur, is be a little bit prepared!


Life coach Amelia Harvey shares five strategies you can use to help you get through these setbacks. Learning these is a must for all women with a breast cancer diagnosis.  


  1. Be gentle with and kind to yourself – try not to play the blame game, don’t get hung up on the feelings of frustration or anger, recognise that some setbacks are out of your control.

  2. Work with the feelings that have presented themselves – don’t exacerbate them or suppress them, acknowledge the feelings and emotions, try to identify the physical feeling associated with it, and let it go.If you want to learn more you can purchase Amelia’s meditation that talks you through this process.

  3. Ask for support – medical, emotional (see a counsellor, coach, psychologist, kinesiologist etc), lean on others around you when you can and ask for help (get some help cooking, cleaning, child care etc)

  4. Make a plan – with a medical team or support system, be proactive, map out how to overcome the setback.

  5. Mindfulness and self-care – find your stillness practice, when you look after your well-being everything else will be easier to tackle.


LISTEN: Want to learn more? Check out The Pink Movement Podcast Episode 12 with Amelia Harvey, where she shares more on dealing with setbacks during breast cancer.







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